The Fire Solutions Group has access to over 30 Professional Fire Protection Engineers that can provide innovative, practical, and cost effective solutions for your fire protection needs. These engineers are familiar with fire protection design, fire modeling, gas dispersion modeling, smoke control systems, fire suppression systems, incident investigation, fire alarm systems, risk management reviews, pre-planning for emergency response, risk and hazard analysis.

The FSG provides unparalleled expertise in preparing fire suppression and fire alarm system design packages, including: evaluation of existing sprinkler and fire alarm systems for compliance with local and national code requirements, evaluation of building conditions for fire protection systems upgrades and replacements, analysis of hydraulic performance of sprinkler, standpipe, fire pump, water spray, and water distribution systems, and evaluation of alternative performance-based fire protection system design methods.

As part of our comprehensive design service, we take the project beyond the design stage to ensure that the client receives optimal value for their construction dollar. To this end, we provide contractor shop drawing review, construction cost estimates and installation oversight for fire protection and life safety systems.