Specialty Products

The Fire Solutions Group is committed to supplying best in class fire protection products. Each product has been tested and certified by The Fire Solutions Group and can be paired with training or engineering design services.

International Fog Inc (IFI) nozzles come in a range of sizes including ½, ¾, 1, 1.5 and 2.5 in NPT or NH. All nozzles are made in America out of the finest material including 17-4 stainless steel and a high endurance proprietary Kevlar composite. The nozzles are broken into two product lines, a medium pressure (75-300 psi) water mist (500 microns) and a low pressure (7-75 psi) large droplet (1-5 mm). The water mist nozzles are most effective in enclosed compartments, class B fires, thermal cooling, radiation protection and water sensitive material. The large drop nozzles are most effective in large volume spaces, and with class A fire sources. If you have questions about the proper nozzle for your application feel free to contact us. The nozzles can flow other agents than water including Direct Attack, FireIce, and Foams.

Applications for IFI nozzles include

  • water deluge system – water walls for thermal radiation screening – low pressure water mist systems – foam systems – toxic gas mitigation – dust explosion protection – marine applications – tunnel fire protection – Halon replacement – ship water systems – escape routes on ship and oil platforms – LNG and LPG tank protection – offshore drilling rigs – transformer fire protection – flammable liquid storage

A water deluge system can either be designed for general area coverage, or a directed water spray protecting a specific equipment item. Both are delivered from fixed pipework and independent fire pumps and provide protection to:

  • control pool fires and thus reduce the likelihood of escalation;
  • provide cooling of equipment not impinged by jet fires;
  • provide a means to apply foam to extinguish hydrocarbon pool fires; and
  • limit effects of fires to facilitate emergency response and evacuation escape and rescue (EER) activities.

The four broad types of deluge system include:

  • area protection designed to provide non-specific coverage of pipework and equipment within process areas;
  • equipment protection designed to provide dedicated coverage of critical equipment such as vessels and wellheads;
  • structural protection designed to provide dedicated coverage of structural members;
  • water curtains to reduce thermal radiation and to control the movement of smoke in order to provide protection to personnel during escape and evacuation.

FST Aerosol Grenade

The Fire Suppression Tool (FST) Aerosol grenade is used by Firefighters, Police, Armed forces and First Responders as a highly effective suppression tool against early stage and fully developed fires. The FST aerosol grenade is designed for mobile rapid total flooding fire suppression applications The FST is non-pressurized and is deployed manually by pulling a pin which will set off an electronic ignition system.

After triggering the FST generator, an aerosol mist is generated, which expands volumetrically, flooding the space and suppressing the flames within seconds. The FST is designed for the use on class A, B, C and K fires and covers up to 5,300 cubic feet.

Methane Mini II

The Laser Methane Mini II offers a significant advantage over conventional detection methods by detecting Methane & Natural Gas leaks from a distance or through a window. This ability to remotely detect increases the speed of the search and offers a wider area of search due to sweeping of the beam. This is accomplished while keeping personal out of the gas cloud. The meter has a rapid warm-up (less than 60 seconds), self-calibration, is portable and lightweight. The wide temperature range allows its use in cold & hot weather

Principle of measurement – Laser Methane detection is based on utilization of laser absorption spectrophotometer of methane gas. The system detects natural gas leaks by emitting a Laser at particular wavelengths and analyzing the light reflected back from the ground to determine how much was absorbed by the methane in the natural gas. The measured gas volume is expressed by the methane column density (ppm-m): methane density (ppm) multiplied by the thickness (m).

Difficult to reach areas – Accumulated gas clouds in commercial and industrial facilities are commonplace. The Laser Methane mini allows for detection removing the need for ladders, scaffolding or aerial platforms or immersion into the gas with point source measurement devices.

Additional technology features

  • Can detect faster than conventional method (Detection speed 0.1 sec)
  • Remote Detection – By simply pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak or along the survey line.
  • Can detect through the window. Measurement of room filled with methane from outside.
  • Only sensitive to methane so no false reports.

Typical applications include

Emergency response

Industrial and commercial property surveys

Gas processing plants

Landfill monitoring

Distribution pipeline surveys

Transmission pipeline surveys

Self Expanding Foam Systems

Protect-o-Burn is a self-expanding fire fighting foam (SEFFF) technology that requires no water supply, no fire pumps, and no foam proportioning. The simplified system is comprised of an ASME pressure vessel with single valve operation, and proprietary SEFFF solution reducing the upfront capital and maintenance cost of traditional foam concentrate systems. The self-expanding foam is formulated to suppress; not control a fire via vapor mitigation, cooling, and blanketing of Class B and Class A fires. Systems can be manually or automatically actuated.

Applications include Oil and Gas facilities (fracing sites, terminals and logistics facilities, refining, gas production, pipelines, pumps, and manifolds), Power Generation, Agricultural (silos), Mining, High Pile Storage, and Military.

Existing projects includes:

  • Terminal and Logistics sites comprised of atmospheric storage tanks, truck loading, and fuel pumps;
  • Rail loading/unloading sites comprised of crude and ethanol applications;
  • Power generation comprised of transformer protection;
  • High piled warehouse applications as approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ);
  • Mobile response vehicles (refining, terminals/logistics, agricultural, rail, and municipal);
  • Agricultural facilities to include silo protection;
  • Military fixed and mobile applications;
  • Refinery sites providing protection of process areas, and atmospheric and pressurized tanks;
  • Fracing facilities providing protection to contaminated water tanks, product tanks, trucks, rigs, and mobile equipment; and
  • Mining facilities comprised of solvent extraction trains, tanks, and mobile equipment.

Pleas call for a presentation, live demonstration schedule, questions, or application information.


Fire Rover is a semi-portable fire suppression system that effectively and efficiently prevents fire 24/7. Fire Rover is equipped with a FLIR A310F thermal camera, an award-winning video surveillance system and a powerful foam dispensing unit containing a listed fire suppressing agent. Fire Rover monitors detect a rise in temperature the Watchdog Security team is alerted, analyzes the situation and if needed, dispenses the foam to cool the hot spot or suffocate the fire.

The Fire Rover™ advantage includes:

  • Comprehensive solution for fire prevention – Semi- Portable and customizable for your specific needs – Suppresses fires of calibers including metal, petroleum, plastic, agriculture and waste – Can pinpoint hot spots the size of a grape within 2 degrees accuracy – Can detect fire in infancy before it flames are visible – 24/7 remote monitoring by Watchdog Security – A real person analyzing the area and dispersing foam – Patent pending and Trademarked

The Fire Rover™ package includes:

  • Initial site survey – Installation and on-going maintenance of portable, self-contained unit – 24/7 video monitoring- Watchdog Security custom tailored security camera system – FLIR A310F Thermal Camera- pinpoints heat source within 2 degrees accuracy – Powerful Suppression System- dispenses eco-friendly class A&B firefighting foam at 150 psi- up to 150 ft with 343 degrees rotation – Real time reporting- includes incident report and video clip

FCC Portable Command Post

The portable command post is a custom built Incident Command System (ICS) based on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards released in 2004. FDNY fire officers operating under unified command designed the lightweight command post. It was designed by fire officers for fire officers to easily and efficiently maintain accountability and interoperability while coordinating communications and resources.

The Command Post is portable and self-contained. The body is built of aluminum with HDPE wear strips protecting all impact surfaces and all hardware is stainless steel making is durable yet lightweight. Built in wheels make the command center maneuverable and legs store in the main body for quick setup and a stable design. A bright LED light can run for 3 hours off the rechargeable lithium-ion Battery. A digital clock, built-in building floor plan storage area, and 100 magnetic ID tags are included. The command post measures 43” by 23.5” by 6” when self contained and weighs 42 lbs.

Fire Resistant Battery Container (FRBC)

The Micashield Fire Resistant Battery Container (FRBC) is an innovative product that can be used to protect lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer from fire during storage, transportation, or use. The exceptional insulation properties of the Micashield FRBC allows for containment in case of a battery fire and reduces the threat of ignition due to heat transfer in the event of a external fire. The construction of the FRBC includes a waterproof outer coating, Proprietary Micashield high temperature textile sandwiching a high insulated core material. The result is a ‘cold face’ temperature less than 400C (752F) after a 30 minute exposer on the ‘hot face’ side of +1000C (1832F). This allows for many substances to be kept below their ignition temperature.

The FRBC demonstrated the ability to withstand the thermal runaway generated by 6 lithium ion battery packs with the potential energy of 0.960 kWh. Decomposition gases and smoke are vented by design with no flames generated outside the bag. The FRBC therefore prevented the ignition of a secondary fire despite the high temperature achieved within the FRBC.

Applications include

Storage or transport of batteries

Containment of known defective or damaged batteries

Storage of damaged batteries during forensic investigations

Transport of damaged batteries

IFEX Cannon

IFEX is a water-efficient fire fighting technology that dramatically improves the way fires are fought. It extinguishes fires with 80-100 times less water than traditional fire fighting systems.

The IFEX technology:

• Enables a faster first response

• Drastically reduces heat temperatures quickly

• Leaves minimal water damage

IFEX guns and cannons are mounted on:

• Backpack systems – Trolleys – Trucks – Pickup trucks – Helicopters – ATV’s – Motorcycles – Fixed containers – Tractors

How does it work? IFEX’s ground breaking technology discharges impulse shots of water, or any other extinguishing agent, at 270mph through a membrane that splits the water into a fine and powerful mist that quickly absorbs the energy and heat out of a fire.

Electrical Safety Devices

Electrical Firefighting package – This package includes the appliance and nozzle set to the tested patterns which will enable your fire fighters to extinguish substation, pad-mount, soli and aerial transformers and transformer fire regardless of the voltage schedule. Included is a sample of Direct Attack agent and upon request if your fire department has an underground response area we can add in the underground manhole system.

Train Extrication: This package includes a third rail tester and an insulating mat. This package will allow fire fighters to check the rail dead and leave the device in place to signal if it comes alive. The large mat then allows the team to “rubber up” the portion of rail that they need to work near. The mat is rated for 35kV.

E-Field Detector: The E-Field detector can be mounted into any apparatus and will warn of electric issues outside the truck such as wires down.

Electric Isolation Mats – The Electric Isolation mats are 4 by 10 ft area mats that isolate personnel from ground when performing and vehicle extraction of a energized car. The mats provide protection from 36,000 volts with the ½ think insulation material. The mat weighs approximately 150 lbs.

FD Drones

Drones and related equipment are available. Please call to discuss your needs and an appropriate model and training package will be made available.